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Developed, Engineered and Made in Switzerland and in the United States! Since 1912 Schaerer Medical's high-grade operating tables and medical accessories are coming from this countries with long MedTec experience. 

As a Swiss company with subsidary in the US and with history and future we manufacture mobile operating tables and medical accessories for all surgical disciplines and fields of application. 

A network of sales and service partners in over 75 countries guarantees the worldwide distribution and individual service almost everywhere in the world.

Schaerer Medical continuously invests in the development of innovative and gentle on the patient products and applications, which are developed in close collaboration with leading surgeons and partners from medicine and medical technology.
Schaerer products and quality are world-renowned and stand for precision, processing quality and long service life.

We work for you to meet your high demands for top medical technology products

Our Vision and Mission

SCHAERER MEDICAL works to support the efforts of surgeons and medical professionals to provide the best care to their patients. 

We are committed to creating a leading, technologically-advanced position in the operating theatre market. We shape the future through strong, progressive leadership and to forge coalitions and partnerships to promote our concepts, products and services to our customers.

SCHAERER MEDICAL is a leading solution provider of mobile surgical tables and accessories for safe patient positioning.


Maurice Schaerer laid the foundation stone for the Schaerer Medical AG of today in 1892 by founding a factory for surgical instruments and hospital equipment. The status as limited liability company was acquired in 1903. Thereafter a worldwide network of daughter companies and sales partners was quickly established.

The close collaboration of the company with leading doctors started in 1906. Together with the later Nobel Prize winner, Professor Theodor Kocher, it developed new surgical instruments, which attracted attention all over the world. Further pioneering concepts for the equipment of complete operating wings were developed together with Professor Tavel of the University of Berne. In 1908 Fritz Schaerer, the nephew of Maurice Schaerer, joined the company. His engineering knowledge helped further improve mainly working and manufacturing methods.

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Maurice Schaerer founds Schaerer Medical AG and develops surgical instrument line with Nobel Prize winner Prof. Theodor Kocher.


Schaerer set a milestone in 1912 with the delivery of one of the first mobile operating tables worldwide. In closest collaboration with Prof. Fritz De Quervain of the surgical University Clinic Berne the table was optimised to such an extent, that Schaerer was awarded the Grand Prix of the World Exhibition in Paris two years later.


Not even the First World War and the world economic crisis were able to affect the rise of the company. In 1939 Schaerer developed two fully equipped operating carriages for the army. After the Second World War Schaerer rapidly acquired a reputation as a general provider for the equipment of complete operating theatres.


Schaerer brought the first operating table with X-ray translucent table top and central control system to the market with the Nova X-Ray. The Nova X-Ray was replaced in 1973 by the S-table, the predecessor of the well known operating table range schaerer® axis 400-800.


Schaerer was the first manufacturer succeeding in developing a mobile operating table being certified both for the European and the American market and being compatible with both electric mains networks. This was the first generation of the schaerer® axis 400-800 range. The successors of this range are still leading in the market and set a standard as far as quality and long service life are concerned.


Schaerer relocated its production department to Münsingen. In 2002 all company departments were brought together at the present production site and company head office in Münsingen near Berne.


Schaerer took over the majority shareholding of Ohio Medical Instruments in the US, manufacturer of neuro-surgical instruments being sold under the Mayfield brand, which is well known worldwide.


From 2003-2008 the company figured under the brand name Schaerer Mayfield. As from the middle of 2008, Schaerer was taken over by an investor, successfully restructured and since then goes under the name of Schaerer Medical AG and Schaerer Medical USA Inc.


Schaerer introduced two ground-breaking innovations to the market: the mobile operating table Schaerer ARCUS and the Schaerer MIS Extension System. With a load capacity of up to 500 kg in standard position and up to 360 kg dynamic load capacity in all positions the Schaerer ARCUS table is specially indicated for bariatric surgery, ideally completing the existing operating table portfolio of the company. The new Extension System set a benchmark as far as minimum invasive hip surgery is concerned, having been developed in close collaboration with Dr. Grob and Prof. Kuster of the Kantonsspital St. Gallen.


Schaerer Medical AG took over 100% of Schaerer Mayfield USA, Inc. in Cincinnati, strengthening his position as a worldwide leading manufacturer of mobile operating tables, medical accessories and special products for all surgical disciplines and applications.


Schaerer focused on service by strengthening and expanding the Service Organisation. Trainings for service engineers were rearranged, more than 40 technicians being trained on Schaerer products worldwide.


Schaerer Medical celebrates the 100 year jubilee of its mobile OT-tables with numerous events in Switzerland and abroad.

 Schaerer introduced two innovations to the market: the Schaerer MTS Modular Traction System and the Schaerer CSF Carbon Spine Frame.  
Schaerer Medical celebrates the 125th anniversary of its founding by Maurice Schaerer. The company and its affiliates will commemorate this milestone with numerous events in Switzerland and abroad. 
Schaerer Medical launched the Schaerer AXIS 350 OT-table in the mid range segment.
Schaerer Medical expanded the product range with the OP series entry line table. Further colaborations with new partners for dedicated and specialized trend products were deepende to complete the offering as a solution provider. 
Schaerer Medical strengthens customer service with 3 service regions in Switzerland. New warranty options up to 5 or 10 years. A revised corporate image is visible on the new homepage, the Sales & Configuration Manual, the brochures and the logo. Further strengthening of the concept: Everything from a single source. 
Schaerer Medical adds new commercial products to its range, which are used in every hospital.
We are celebrating 130 years of Schaerer Medical and 110 years since we launched the first operating table.

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About Schaerer Medical


Schaerer Medical is a leading manufacturer of mobile operating tables and medical accessories for all surgical disciplines and fields of applications. 

With more than 100 years of exerience, Schaerer Medical is a growing Swiss engineering and manufacturing company with history and a bright future. 

Together with our partners we continuously invest in the development of innovative and gentle on the patient products and applications, in close collaboration with leading surgeons and partners from medicine and medical technology.  

The US subsidary is part of the group since 2001 and has launched many exiting products to the US market.

Schaerer Medical  Schaerer products are known worldwide and stand for Swiss precision and processing quality, long service life and economy.

Premium brand company for operating tables | Unique & innovative features & benefits | Precisely designed & manufactured | Made in Switzerland