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    Schaerer ARCUS

    As surgeon I always have to question my work, my tools and my team to push the boundaries in terms of innovation and precision. Working the last years with Schaerer Medical and the Schaerer Surgical Tables showed me that products from Switzerland always exceed my expectations.

Schaerer ARCUS

The Schaerer ARCUS is a unique heavy weight Surgical Table from SCHAERER MEDICAL. Featuring the famous Schaerer offset cantilevered base for maximum imaging access, the ARCUS is designed for general surgery as well as specialty use. The Schaerer ARCUS is extremely easy to use and can support a static patient weight up to 1100 lbs / 500 kg and a dynamic patient weight up to 800 lbs / 360 kg. Like all of our products, patient safety and operating convenience are of primary importance.


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​Schaerer ARCUS in Detail

​Maximum capacity

High patient weight (500/360kg - 1100/800lbs) for safety and all kind of patient positions, operations, and all surgical disciplines without any limitation due to high weight capacity compared with tables that have sliding table tops.

Maximum stability

Self-compensating dynamic floor lock system. The dynamic hydraulic floor lock system corrects uneven floors.

Maximum height adjustment of 23,8"/605 mm

With the large column range and advanced telescopic column design it can move safe and stable from very low 21,5"/545mm to very high 45"/1150mm (without pads). 

Maximum flexibility

Schaerer ARCUS is a universal table, which can be used for all surgical disciplines. With all the unique features surgeons can work and do all treatments with no limitation.

Emergency Panel on the base

Sometimes there is no good access to the column of the table and it is easier access to the base of the table (head side).

Maximum accessibility

Maximum free area because of eccentric column design. Even in standard configuration the Arcus table has a huge x-ray window of 1240mm/48,8".

Maximum safety

Arcus surgical tables represent the ultimate safety standards in operating tables.

Arcus 501-701 tables engineered with airplane safety standards in mind, and they are the only tables available with a totally redundant backup system. Consisting of a completely independent power supply, separate batteries, control devices and motor/pump units.

Maximum patient comfort

High quality mattress for long operations and heavy weight patients. Also for normal seize/weight patients the quality of the pad is of importance and not primarily the thickness.

5th wheel has advantages to manoeuvre the table stable and safe and turn it on the spot in the OR-room.
Slow mode function
Accurate and smooth (slow mode) motion for safe movements during surgery.
Maximum quality with Swiss precision
Manufactured in Switzerland with design and engineering on highest standards, in accordance with certified quality standards  ISO 13485:2016.

Schaerer ​ARCUS 501

The universal table for all surgical disciplines

with one electro-hydraulically driven table top movement for the seat plate. Removable, two- part seat plate bars. The unique design of the Arcus 501 provides the entire surgical team with enhanced access to the patient during urological, gynecological, obstetric, Neuro/Spine and general surgery procedures. Manually adjustable head and leg plates supported by gas pressure springs. Universal table for all accessories, including extension devices OTZ, MTS, MIS, Carbonplate and Carbon Spine Frame. X‐ray trans‐ parency 1240mm/48,8".

Schaerer ​ARCUS 601

The comfort table for General, Gyn/Uro, Neuro, ENT, Ophthalmology
with two electro-hydraulically driven table top movements for seat plate and leg plates. Manually adjustable head plate with gas pressure spring. Ideal for gynaecology, urology and neurosurgery.  X‐ray transparency 1240mm/48,8".

Schaerer ​ARCUS 701

The ortho‐trauma and spine table 

with one electro- hydraulically driven table top movement. Specially for orthopaedic, spine and trauma accessories (Ex- tension devices, OTZ, MTS, Carbonplate and Car- bon Spine Frame). Arcus 701 is a Arcus 501 but without seat plate. This means you safe the money for the seat plate if you use OTZ, MTS, CSF etc.
Schaerer ARCUS501601701unit
Table top outside of column1250/49.21250/49.2 -mm/inch
Maximum patient weight*500/1100500/1100500/1100kg/lbs
Maximum patient weight all positions**360/800360/800360/800kg/lbs
Height adjustment with patient weight up to 260 kg (top edge pad, locked table)595 – 1200/ 23.4 – 47.2595 – 1200/ 23.4 – 47.2595 – 1200/ 23.4 – 47.2mm/inch
Height adjustment with patient weight over 260 kg (top edge pad, locked table)595 – 1000/ 23.4 – 39.4595 – 1000/ 23.4 – 39.4595 – 1000/ 23.4 – 39.4
Weight without head and leg plates300 / 660 310/680 290/638kg/lbs
Length without head and leg plates1130/44.51130/44.5mm/inch
Length with head and leg plates2120/83.52120/83.5mm/inch
Length without head plate 695/27.4mm/inch
Length with head plate 990/39.0mm/inch
Width of table top520/20.5520/20.5 520/20.5mm/inch
Total width (with side rails)580/22.8580/22.8580/22.8mm/inch
Width with lateral table extension880/34.6880/34.6880/34.6mm/inch
Trendelenburg / reverse Trendelenburg 30 30 30degree
Lateral tilting right/left 20 20 20degree
Seat plate up 65 65 65degree
Seat plate down 40 40 40degree
Motorised leg plate up - 80 -degree
Motorised leg plate down - 100 -degree

* standard configuration, static mode, lowest position 

** all positions, dynamic mode

Technical data:
Electrical mains connection 100-120 / 200-240 V AC, 50-60 HZ Control voltage 24 V DC

Battery charging time: 6 – 8 hours

Battery capacity: approx. 20 operations 4 maintenance-free batteries with charge indication on the display of the hand control (and low-battery acoustic signal)

Side rail dimensions 25×10 mm Weight: 300 kg / 661.4 lbs

Height adjustment up / down Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg Lateral tilt left / right

Seat plate up / down

Leg plate up / down

Head plate up / down

Flex / Reflex

Zero position


Head plate up / down

Leg plate up / down
Leg plates swivelling out 90

Maximum free space for C-arm utilization in the basic position

Reverse position with carbon plate for 1550mm/61" 360° X- ray window (1350mm/53" 3D)

Lateral positioning for nephrectomy, XLIF, dynamic patient weight capacity 360kg/800lbs*.

* all positions, dynamic mode

Spine intervention with four post positioning system
Aluminium or radiolucent headrest system with 3-pin rigid cranial fixation. For supine, prone, lateral and sitting positions. Offers excellent stability and flexibility. With adapter for DORO or Mayfield systems.

Positioning for hand surgery with hand surgery plate without floor support

Gynaecological, urological and laparoscopic interventions with leg holders “Great white platinum”, patient weight capacity 360kg/800lbs*.

Bariatric Nissen straps for thighs recommended.

Gynaecological and urological intervention with leg holders “Goepel” for flat and lithomic positions

Spinal intervention in prone position with Wilson Frame. Table top height 450mm/17,7"
Electrical drive unit

Moves the operation table even with heavy weight patients comfortably without physical effort. Two speeds forward and one backwards give optimum drive for long and short distances or narrow areas.


Pressing one direction button initiates the slow speed for manoeuvres in narrow areas and keeping one hand free, or carrying additional items (i.e. infusion stands on wheels). 


Pressing two buttons at one time initiates the fast speed.

Accessories for MTS Modular Traction System

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We provide product specific manuals with all the informations that you need to operate. 

Those are included in delivery and training.

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