Reliable Holders and Fixations

Patient Holder

The patient holders from GERWING Medical Products are used for short-term fixation of patients who are in an agitated state, for example. The patient is securely fastened to the wrists and ankles by means of a tear-resistant Velcro strap. Additional stability is provided by the welded D-ring made of stainless steel or plastic, which is ultrasonically welded.

Product variations: 
The patient restrainers are available with different padding materials.

 - with synthetic lambswool

 - with needled felt

 - with washable imitation leather

 - with soft foam padding for especially sensitive patients

Universal Hose Holder 

Our universal tube holders are practical helpers for organizing infusion tubes, cannulas, bell cords, indwelling cannulas and catheters and much more. These are fixed to the patient's clothing, bedside or operating table. A tear-resistant hook-and-loop fastener ensures secure and stable attachment.

Product variations:

GERWING medical products hose holders are available in different lengths, variants and colors. Likewise, you can have them personalized with your name or company logo on request:

With hook

- With four chambers 

With double clip

- With imprint on request

Retaining Straps for Catheters and Urine Bags 

Our catheter holders are used for fastening catheters, urine bags e.g. for enterostoma or urostoma under the patient's clothing. The retaining straps can be attached to the thigh as well as to the left or right leg. Due to the use of elastic materials, the patient's blood circulation is not impaired. The catheters are inserted into the tube fixation and fastened easily and quickly with the Velcro fastener.

Product variations:

The catheter holders and urine bag holders are available in various designs:

As a Velcro strap with inserted elastic band

- As Velcro tape with tube fixation and padding of synthetic lambskin

Cannula Holding Bands

The cannula tapes consist of an absorbent velour tape and fix tracheal cannulae, both endotracheal and tracheostomy. The core of the retaining tape is made of skin-compatible soft foam. The cannula holding tapes fit all sizes and are available for both adults and children.   

Product variations:      

The tethers are available in different designs and sizes and can be customized to your needs. Also we offer sizes for infants:

With adjustable Velcro strap

- With rubber element

- With adjustable sliders

- In infant sizes


Retaining Straps 

To fix our patient holders quickly and securely to the bed, these straps with welded stainless steel D-ring or plastic double loop are ideal.                      

Product variations:                                                

The retaining straps are available in two different designs:

Made of Velcro

- Made of polyester