Vacuform® 2.0 Vacuum Mattresses

The OR patient positioning concept - A new generation

Patient comfort redefined - the perceived weightlessness
From a further developed and improved PUR film.

Product advantages: 
Perfect pressure relief, latex and PVC-free, image converter application (C-arm) intraoperatively possible
Safety on the operating table:
No slipping, secure fixation, extreme operating table inclination, easy and fast handling

The extended Vacufrom® 2.0 surgical mattress range

Very large standard program and individual custom-made products
For all procedures where a special surgical position is required, the Vacuform® 2.0 program offers surgical mattresses that meet all indication-relevant requirements.

Cost reduction through Vacuform® 2.0
On the efficiency side, Vacuform® 2.0 offers an enormous cost reduction through simple and fast handling, by avoiding consequential damage such as bedsores and paresis, by saving additional materials, fast cleaning and long reusability even with permanent use.

The innovative Vacuform® 2.0

MicroSpace System

The secret of perfecting body adaptation of Vacuform® 2.0 surgical mattresses is achieved through micro-polystyrene balls that stabilize through vacuum to a sustainable and holistic supporting form. For many years, Vacuform® has had the proven and unique MicroSpace system and significantly increases the physical sense of comfort for the patient compared to conventional fillings.

The diameter of the filling balls, which has been reduced by one fifth, enables a much more precise body adaptation of the surgical mattress.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Decubitus prophylaxis in the operating room

Quality and safety

Especially in time-consuming operations or for elderly and poorly constitued patients, there is a risk of pressure points in the form of acute decubital ulcers and paresis. The individual and ergonomic body adaptation of the Vacuform surgical mattress effectively prevents such damage. The contact pressure of the patient is optimally distributed over the whole body and thus reduced to a minimum. The microcirculation necessary for the skin is preserved.