• Schaerer Medical Team

    Our Most Valuable Asset

    Employees with a lot of knowledge and experience.
     High motivated with passion.

Meet the Schaerer Medical Team

Our employees are our most valuable resource. If you are interested in becoming part of our team, please visit our job portal to submit your request. 

Efficient and safe processes for the highest standards in the medical field

Stefan Meyer

Head of QM/RA

Executive board member

We take care of all stakeholders and generate values to them 

Reto Sieber


Executive board member

Listen to the customers and develop innovations and unique solutions

Maurice Ducret

Head of Product Development

Executive board member

First class service around the globe to  satisfy our customers

Harris Othman

Head of Technical Department

Executive board member


Sales Manager International

Vitor Costa

Sales Manager Int. & Product Specialist

Valon Braha

Territory Sales Manager Zentral-Ost

Clinical Application Specialist

Marco Ferreira

Territory Sales Manager Romandie

Clinical Application Specialist

Richard Jöhl

Territory Sales Manager Mitte

Nadine Moser

Teamleader Backoffice / HR

Katja Krebs

Backoffice Specialist

Michèle Eggli

Backoffice Specialist

Mathias Bigler

Teamleader Production Planning

Adeel Anwar

Global Product Manager

Simon Hostettler

Finance & Project Leader

Patrick Engel

Manager HW/SW PD

Camille Chatton

HS/SW Design Engineer PD

Dmitriy Kuzmenko


Markus Heimann

Quality Controller

Willi Zbinden

Logistics Specialist

Adrian Bigler

Teamleader Logistic & QC

Remo Vaterlaus

Global Product Manager

Birgit Lehretter

Project Manager / Systems Engineer

Mario Andreoli

Mechanical Design Engineer PD

Jessica Blanda

Mechanical Design Engineer PD

Debby Althaus

Purchasing Specialist

Peter Brügger


Emir Jela


Michael Tanner

Teamleader Mechanic

Dina Castro

QM & RA Assistent

Ramon Kropf

Purchase & Production Planning

Simon Wüthrich

Manager Mechanics PD

Michael Junger

Mechanical Design Engineer PD

Hansjörg Hugi


Andrea Eggli


Zlatko Premuzic

Production Expert

Bruno Schlup

Deputy Teamleader Mechanic

Satu Komppula

Backofffice Specialist



Sabrina Hirt

Mechanical Design Engineer PD

Michael Habegger


Andreas Merten

Service Technician

Moritz Amrein

Service Backoffice

Michael Kretschmer

Engineer Industrialisation & Optimisation